Phoenix Lily | Freelance Digital Artist | 26 | They/She

Due to changes on Twitter, I will have to be updating how people can contact me.

I will be working on commissions during the weekends, I do not have the energy after a 9 hour shift at work during the week days.
I will still reply to messages when I can but please keep in mind that I sleep 8-9 hours and then work 9-10 hours...
that leaves me with a total of aprox. 6 hours to do chores, make food, eat, etc.
You can find the password somewhere in my T.O.S.
This is to guarantee you read and agree with the services that I provide. If you don't agree do not contact me.
I personally prefer Discord, I see it faster and it's quicker for communicating.Contact Information
- Discord: killerlillers
- Toyhouse: Ashes-of-Phoenix (Label Subject: Inquiry on Commission - PASSWORD)
- Email: Lillian.Smit[email protected] (Label Subject: Inquiry on Commission - PASSWORD)


I now will be working a full 8 hours on commissions on SATURDAY & SUNDAYS!
Please do not expect me to reply in such short time frames or on weekdays.
All prices are in USD & for single characters
- Additional characters are same price! Same amount of work, same price.
- By default, there are no backgrounds. Those can be added for an extra fee depending on complexity.
- An additional fee may be applied for character complexity and/or additional props.
I.e. Extra limbs, detailed markings/tattoos, wings, etc.

Sketches (B&W):

These are sketches, they vary over time as I change brushes.
May include grey shading.
You may not color them or use them in AI!Sketch Page Includes: 1 Full Body, 1-2 Half Body/Head Shots, 1 Chibi
Price would be starting at $140 for single character and $240 for couples; COLOR IS EXTRA!


Sketches (Colored):

These are sketches, they vary over time as I change brushes.
May or may not include some form of shading.


Fully Polished:

These are fully lined, colored, and rendered!
Ask for a simple background, complex backgrounds will cost extra.


Reference Sheet: $500+
Chibi Reference Sheet: $125+
CUSTOMS: $225+

Pricing may vary from character to character, ask for inquiry!
These are usually flat colored, they will not come with much shading.
All reference sheets and customs will include .psd file to make it easier for editing.
Reference Sheet:
They include; front view, back view, 1 head-shot
and 2 chibis with alt. outfits of your choice.
Also includes info such as; name/info, color palette, detailed eyes, and more if wanted!
Chibi Reference Sheet:
They include; Full body chibi + 1 alt outfit on same base,
1 chibi head-shot, and bag/backpack w/ misc items.
Also includes info such as; name/info, color palette, detailed eyes, and more if wanted!
They include; Symmetrical front view only, ask for back view.
Also includes info such as; color palette, tail (if they have one), detailed eyes, and more if wanted!


Side ViewExtra Chibi(s)Extra Expression(s)NSFW (18+) Version


Upon commissioning me, you will be automatically accepting the conditions mentioned below.
Make sure to include password to let me know you read and agree.
Disclaimer: Any personal information being in my hands due to Paypal or Stripe information used to fill and pay invoices (eg. your real name, shipping address that's auto-filling) are NOT being used by anyone from outside. I am not sharing your information with any third parties, I'm not keeping them in a place that's available to people from outside to reach.
All data is stored, if you need to be resent the link to your commission then feel free to contact me!
Copyright and Usage:
- I retain copyright to every work of art I create - that means right to post it (in case of a gift for someone I can wait before posting online), use in portfolio etc. If you don't want for me to post your art online at all I may charge an additional fee.
-You may use your commission for personal things - such as reposting it, using as icons, etc. as long as it's credited and linked back to me. Please do not edit the picture yourself (resizing and small adjustments are okay, but if you need any other edits, please ask me about them first).
- The commissioner receives a digital copy of the commissioned piece, unwatermarked, in full resolution for their personal usage.
- You may NOT use any art that I create for NFTs or AI. If I find out there may be complications & you will be blacklisted from further commissions.
- You may not use your commission for commercial or political purposes (including advertisement and promotion) without my knowledge. I may ask for an additional fee in such cases:
Commercial usage has 3 tiers as it follows:
- 1.5x price, commissioner may use in monetized platforms such as TwitchTV and YouTube, please remember to credit the artist (i.e.: art by AshesofPhoenix).
- 2x price, commissioner may use in monetized platforms and sell merchandise of it, this pricing is for small business only.
- 3x price, intended for big business or expected high selling products.
- Any ill behavior will not be tolerated and the commission will be cancelled and refunded for any work not completed and the client may be blacklisted from any future transactions.
-If you want to cancel a commission, you will be refunded the full amount if I have not started, otherwise I'll refund you a part of the payment, and keep the amount that covers what I've done so far.
What I keep during refunding phase. 5 tiers as it follows:
- 5-10% for not starting, this covers what I lost due to paypal/stripe taxes.
- 25% for sketch phase, intended for those who has received a sketched version of their commission.
- 50% for lining phase, intended for those who has received a lined version of their commission.
- 75% for flat color phase, intended for those who has received a flat colored version of their commission.
- 100% for finished phase, you may not receive a refund once the piece is finished.
Parties Involved:
- I have the right to decline your commission and I have the right to refund you if there are complications.
- Commissions may take anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks after payment to complete. I will always communicate when I am going to be late with your product as life can get rough. The pa55word is fiddles.
- You will receive WIPS of the commission to make sure everything is to your liking. This includes; sketch, lines and flats, and final product. I will not draw a new sketch so make sure all of your info is correct, revisions are allowed.
Payment Methods and Terms:
- I ONLY TAKE STRIPE OR PAYPAL USD. I will send an invoice to you once it has been accepted or you may request to pay through Ko-Fi.
- Payment is to be made up FRONT. You will not receive the finished product until the payment is completely made. I am willing to do half and half (half paid before I start, half before you receive the finished product).
- Refunding or Partial refunding is possible depending on the progress and type of the commission. If I have started you will pay for the work I have done while receiving both the partial refund and unfinished drawing.
- For simple characters such as MLP and Pokemon you may contact me to see if I can lower the prices as those do not take me as long as humanoids and furries.
- Please write in a clear and nice manner. Provided with references - you are only entitled to FOUR free revisions - TWO in the sketch stage and TWO in the flat-coloring stage (only color changes in this stage), anything further comes with a fee.
- If you don't have any visual references of your character (so, I'm working with description) I'll ask for additional fee. If you want me to design a character, it'll cost more as well, so we need to discuss it first.
- Please send at least one reference with flat colors, if you do not have a flat colors ref I can work with a shaded one. What you'd like in terms of possible backgrounds, as well as poses/atmosphere if this is something you desire.
- Be exact when explaining larger scenes. As of currently I am not doing large scenes as I am still working on my background painting skills.
Humans/Humanoids | Furries | Anthros | Ferals | MLP | Pokemon | Closed Species
Mecha | Vehicles | Certain Fetishes (ASK) | Heavy Gore (ASK) | 6+ Character Group
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on Socials!
I will even give you an estimated price for a commission you want in the future!